The purpose of West Coast World Martial Arts is to empower our students to develop themselves physically, mentally, spiritually and establish an extraordinary character. Expand your life through the pursuit of martial arts mastery.

Learn from the Best

Our instructors provide insight and guidance to assist you on your path towards black belt mastery.

Strengthen Body & Mind

Through our curriculum, you will learn many styles that will challenge your body and mind.

Become Family

West Coast World Martial Arts brings together people from all walks of life.

About Us

Founded over 25 years ago, West Coast Milpitas has thrived in the development of its students. The family atmosphere fosters an area of kindness, encouragement, and empowerment. We teach students as early as the age of 4 years old, and specialize in a dynamic system of mixed martial arts with a base of Tae Kwon Do, as well as Escrima (Filipino Stick Fighting) and grappling.

The purpose of West Coast World Martial Arts is to develop our students physically, mentally, spiritually, and to have extraordinary character. Our teaching is based upon the highest values of martial arts: Honor, Loyalty, Family, and Bravery.


Kids Martial Arts

What Can Martial Arts Do For Your Child? Success in life and career. Self-confidence. Good health and happiness. Every parent wants the best life possible for their kids. And the best way to set your child on that path to the best life is to help them learn the skills that will take them there. […]

Adults & Teens Martial Arts

Our Adults & Teens WCWMA Martial Arts classes provide a comprehensive course of multi-styles of martial arts. You will learn stand up striking of Kick Boxing, American Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Grappling, Ground Fighting Techniques, Weapons Forms Training from Japan, China, and the Stick and Knife Fighting from the Philippines. The Ernie Reyes system of martial arts […]

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