What Style of Martial Arts is Taught at West Coast World Martial Arts Milpitas?

What Style of Martial Arts is Taught at West Coast World Martial Arts Milpitas?

Martial arts are a popular activity for kids and adults alike– and for a lot of very good reasons. Do you want your child to gain self-confidence? Be more respectful? Develop self-discipline? Learn to set goals and achieve them? Martial arts can do all of that for your child, and more.

If you’re an adult, do you want to improve your health? Lose weight? Get fit? Increase your energy? Maximize your focus? These are just some of the benefits adults seek and find through martial arts training.

But there are a lot of different styles of “martial arts,” just like there are a lot of different sports that are played using some kind of ball. Basketball, baseball, football, and golf are all played with a “ball,” but they’re all very different from each other. And different styles of martial arts may be very different from each other too. So a new student (or a parent of a new student) might wonder “what style of martial art does this school teach? Is it Jiu Jitsu? Or Karate? Or maybe Taekwondo?”

At West Coast World Martial Arts Milpitas, we teach the West Coast World Martial Arts System,  a practical mix of the best martial arts from around the world. With a curriculum developed from some of the best martial arts styles on Earth, our students learn a solid, well-rounded system of self-defense that enables them to adapt to any style of martial art.

Our West Coast World Martial Arts System begins with Tae Kwon Do (also called Taekwondo). This is the martial art that our founders, Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes and Great Grandmaster Tony Thompson, started with on their own martial arts journey, and it’s the martial art they first began teaching to their students at West Coast World Martial Arts over 40 years ago. Our Great Grandmasters first met as students of Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Dan Choi, beginning a lifelong friendship and partnership that continues to this day.

The Early Days: Great Grandmaster Tony Thompson (L) and Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes (R)

And to this day, West Coast World Martial Arts continues to teach Taekwondo, a 20th Century Korean martial art that is a hybrid of Karate and ancient Korean kicking techniques, and is known around the world for its incredible dynamic kicks. Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes and Great Grandmaster Tony Thompson are both certified black belts under World Taekwondo (formerly known as the World Taekwondo Federation), as are all of our senior black belt instructors.

With some 30 million martial artists practicing Taekwondo in 100 countries around the world, Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the world, and its popularity has continued to skyrocket since Taekwondo was introduced as a competitive sport in the Pan-Am Games and the Commonwealth Games, and as an Olympic sport in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. 

Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes’s record of achievement in Taekwondo competition includes:

  • California State Tae Kwon Do Grand Champion, UC Berkeley (Fighting).
  • USA National Tae Kwon Do Champion (Fighting and Forms).
  • Bronze medal winner at the 3rd World Tae Kwon Do Championships (Fighting).
  • Rated in top 10 in Open Forms Competition in the USA.
  • California State Lightweight Champion (Open Tournament Point Fighting).
USA National Taekwondo Champion Ernie Reyes, center, carrying the American flag

Beyond his own competition record, Great Grandmaster Reyes was also the legendary creative and coaching force behind the world-famous West Coast World Action Team, recognized by Bushido Magazine (Europe) as “the #1 Martial Arts Demo Team in the World.” In just one year, Great Grandmaster Reyes produced an amazing seven black belt national champions– all certified World Taekwondo Federation black belts– from his groundbreaking West Coast World Action Team. 

The Early Days: The West Coast World Action Team

It was this incredible feat of coaching that gave Great Grandmaster Reyes his worldwide reputation as the “trainer of champions.” He continued with his string of champions, coaching his own son, national champion Ernie Reyes Jr., who became the youngest child in the history of martial arts to compete and win in the adult professional forms division.

Ernie Reyes Jr. performance 1983 MDA Telethon

As a result of his outstanding record of accomplishments in the martial arts, Great Grandmaster Reyes has been awarded Lifetime Achievement awards by every major martial arts association in the United States. Great Grandmaster Reyes has been been featured in every national karate magazine in the world, was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year, was honored as Instructor of the Year by the Professional Karate Association, and was recognized as one of the greatest masters of the 20th century on Masters of the Martial Arts, presented on national television by TNT.
And whether it was right here in our martial arts school in Milpitas (at the corner of North Milpitas Blvd and East Calaveras Blvd), or traveling around the world as the West Coast World Action Team, or bringing our action-packed martial arts scenes to movie and television audiences everywhere, the foundation of our martial art has always been the awe-inspiring and extremely effective Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

West Coast World Action Team, 2014 U.S. Capitol Classics and China Open

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